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Crocheted Charm Jewelry

Crocheted Charm Jewelry

​Choose from one of our designs or design your own colors, charms, shapes and sizes!

See Design Your Own Earrings on our shopping cart to make your selection.

Earrings combine

  • #10 crochet thread which comes in a wealth of solid and variegated colors​ - we have over 20 available
  • a charm of your choosing: (see our catalogue for a complete selection) Charms can match the thread or contrast it. 
  • an earring shape and size: small, medium or large; hoop, diamond or teardrop 
  • earring type (pierced [wire or post] or clip-on. Color usually matches the charm but may also match the thread color.

​Necklaces and Bracelets combine a charm and matching chain. We also have woven and beaded bracelets.