Southland Symphony Jewelry ~ Join the SSO Tribe!

Choose from 12 styles : only $8

  • Leather Braided band, Band with silver studs, Triple-braided, Gold braided leather with white (far left)

  • Linen Band  (Blue stripe, Multi-stripe, Purple stripe, Maroon stripe)​​


  • Linen Band with leather trim (Red stripe, Orange stripe, Silver braid)


  • Woven Macramame​ (far right in picture)


​[choose gold, silver or bronze note charm]

  • SSO Logo Leather Bracelet w/ Charm: $12

[choose gold, silver or bronze charm]

  • SSO Logo Leather Bracelet: $10

Hand-tooled leather with adjustable snap closing

HandCraft Folks

Visit the SSO Booth at
​Ontario Arts Festival 9.15.18

to support us and join the SSO Tribe!

Concert at 2 pm

Southland Symphony Concerts / Events

Woven Hemp or Stretch Beads: $4

​[choose gold, silver or bronze note charm]